water meter water meter

Single jet water meter, dry dial, direct reading on 8 numbered rolls. Available for cold water (30C) and hot water (90C), sizes 15 and 20 mm ( ). Rotating dial at 360. Corrosion risk and sedimentation reduced to minimum.. Long life and high accuracy guaranteed.

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Supplied with lid

Technical data      
Pipe diameter

DN mm

Max flow rate
Qmax m/h 3 5

Nominal flow rate
Qn m/h 1,5 2,5

Transitional flow rate
Qt 2% l/h 120 200

Min flow rate
Qmin 5% l/h 30 50

Min reading
  l 0,05 0,05

Max reading
  m 100.000 100.000

Max working pressure
  bar 16 16